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What is the Festival of Nature?

The Door County Festival of Nature is a series of events coordinated by The Ridges Sanctuary and our partners in conservation to encourage visitors, residents, members, and friends to explore and celebrate the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula. Each year, we organize a number of field trips throughout the county, and special events to allow you to experience the county with field trips intimately involved in protecting and preserving these natural spaces and educating our community on their importance. We encourage you to learn more about this incredible event series and get ready to join us for Memorial Day Weekend! 



Join us in celebrating the 22nd Annual Door County Festival of Nature. Together with our partners in conservation, we continue to celebrate the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula.

In 2024, we celebrate community. Door County is a special place for many reasons. One of the most beautiful things about Door County is how people care for the land. Those who lived here long before us had the foresight to protect diverse ecosystems all along the peninsula. Even now, as the number of visitors on the peninsula increases with each passing year, there is a network of people who share this same connection. They work to build relationships between people and nature, inspiring stewardship and a land ethic will transcend generations.


This year, let us celebrate the individuals, organizations, and ecosystems that make Door County the incredible community it is by connecting people and the planet. Through field trips, lectures, events, and communications, we want you to be inspired to act and help us ensure that these wild places are protected for future generations.


Community goes beyond our natural spaces at this year’s Festival of Nature. During our Festival Dinner and Keynote Presentation, Deneen Wiske, Executive Director of Auricle Productions, will explore how storytelling creates community and deepens our relationships with the natural world. We look forward to connecting how stories have shaped Door County, creating a powerful sense of place and a legacy of stewardship. 

Our team at The Ridges Sanctuary is excited to share this year's program with you! We hope you will join us! 

The 2024 festival of nature program book is here!

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