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What is the Festival of Nature?

The Door County Festival of Nature is a series of events coordinated by The Ridges Sanctuary and our partners in conservation to encourage visitors, residents, members, and friends to explore and celebrate the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula. Each year, we organize a number of field trips throughout the county, and special events to allow you to experience the county with field trips intimately involved in protecting and preserving these natural spaces and educating our community on their importance. We encourage you to learn more about this incredible event series and get ready to join us for Memorial Day Weekend! 



Join us in celebrating the 21st Annual Door County Festival of Nature. Together with our partners in conservation, we continue to celebrate the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula.


In 2023, we celebrate connectivity. Why connectivity? Because it is all connected! From forests to rare plants, to soil, and microorganisms to conservation organizations, partnerships, and YOU - it is all connected. In 2023 we want people to feel connected to the critical habitats, sensitive ecosystems and unique natural landscapes found throughout the Door Peninsula. Through field trips, lectures, events and communications, we want you to be inspired to act and help us ensure that these wild places are protected for future generations.


Connectivity goes beyond our natural spaces at this year’s Festival of Nature. We also look forward to connecting our past, present and future during our Festival Dinner and Keynote Presentation. We will be unveiling our newly adopted, 20-year vision, and celebrating the future by honoring the legacy of the individuals that established The Ridges Sanctuary as we know it today.

Our team at The Ridges Sanctuary are excited to share this years program with you! We hope you will join us! 

explore more in the 2023 festival of nature program book.


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